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The manor house Carpineta Ranch rustic originally from the seventeenth century, and typical of the rural tradition of the Lucca hills. Immersed in the green valley of Aquileia, near the old route of the Via Francigena and the picturesque ruins of the Romanesque church that dominates the hill, it is quiet and welcoming, ideal for holidays late spring, summer and autumn.



The pool is a short walk from the main facade of the house, where you can enjoy a splendid view of the valley. The swimming pool is shared with the owners who live on the top floor of the house.

From the garden surrounding the house there are walking paths in the woods for strolling or biking.

The property makes it possible to be in contact with many animals: two dogs, a cat, horses, chickens and pigeons are part of the landscape, as well as wild species that circulate in the country - such as foxes, badgers, deer, roe deer , porcupines, wild boars, pheasants and buzzards.


Trekking on foot or by bicycle

"The Castellaccio": about 40 minutes of step you can reach the splendid ruins of the Romanesque church called "Castellaccio". It was given this name because at that point there was a Roman fort (of which some traces are still visible). During World War II it was established in this place even a military part of the so-called Gothic Line, of which traces still remain on the steeper side of the hill facing north.

From the pitch above the church, the view opens on all fronts, with one side showing the plain of Lucca and its countries and on the other, the Apuan Alps and the valley of the Serchio river that descends from the Garfagnana, a land rich in natural beauty, parks, nature reserves and historic towns.

Other walks in our neighborhood, “San Donato and Domazzano”, “From Gugliano to Torre”, “Mastiano, Mammoli and Morianese”.


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